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Generic name: Piracetam


Nootropics & Neurotonics


Involutional syndrome related to ageing: memory deficits, asthenia, adaptation disorders, disturbed psychomotor reactions. Chronic manifestartions of cerebral atherosclerosis: chronic alcoholism & addiction. Post-traumatic syndrome. Cerebral dysfunction related to post-traumatic sequelae. Severe obnubilation & vascular coma of a traumatic or toxic origin: Rapid recovery of consciousness w/o neuropsychic sequelae. Ped therapy: Improved intellectual performances.


oral Adult 1200 mg tab bid or one 800 mg tab tid or two 400 mg cap tid. childn 30-50 mg/kg body wt/day. Ing/Imfusion CVA 12 g IV bolus over 20 min foolowed by 12g/day (IV or oral soln), including 1st day, for 2-4 wk, then 4.8 g(tab)/day for 6-12 wk.


Cerebral haemorrhage, end stage renal disease.


Renal insufficiency (CLcr<80 mL/min), underllying haemostatic disorders, major op or sever haemorrhange. Long-term treatment in elderly, abrupt discontinuation in myoclonic patients.

Adverse Reactions

Hyperkinesia, wt gain, asthenia, nervousness, agitation, irritabilty, anxiety & sleep disturbances, fatigue or drowsiness, GI disturbances.

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